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Custom Design

Technology and Philosophy

Our teams are equipped with the latest tools and technologies including data-centric 3D plant design systems, 3D component design and analysis software, computational fluid dynamics and many other types of simulation software. Our custom engineering philosophy goes beyond the modular design methodology and whilst all options are considered, rather than finding ways to apply patches or only off-the-shelf applications, our team looks at the entire system, with expertise and experience in enhancing plant design, installation, operation and maintenance activities.

Innovation and Effectiveness

Customers are constantly being challenged to introduce more efficient equipment at lower cost and with increased life cycles. Our teams work closely with customers to capitalize on operations realities and the client’s knowledge, ensuring that requirements are built into the project starting at the earliest projects stages. By combining our professional experience with the ability to analyze, design and fabricate a wide range of advanced oil and gas processing equipment, 5Blue Process Equipment Inc. is able to deliver solutions customised to meeting any challenge or requirement.

Production/Productivity Improvement

We also assist customers to design and make changes to products already in use in order to increase productivity and or include/exclude production components based on achievable profitability.

5Blue: Secure the performance you require.


5Blue Process Equipment has extensive experience and capabilities in all aspects of process engineering for upstream oil and gas projects worldwide. 5blue provides multi-discipline engineering services and, complimented by its other disciplines, can take a project from conception to installation. Focused on client performance and return on investment, our team thrives on adding value by custom designing innovative solutions to meet technical and operational challenges in serving our customers with high quality, custom engineered products worldwide.

Our teams are equipped with the latest tools and technologies including data-centric 3D plant design systems, 3D component design and analysis software, computational fluid dynamics and many other types of simulation software.

  • Conceptual and front-end engineering design
  • Process engineering and design (including reverse engineering)
  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Equipment Feasibility studies
  • Quick turnaround projects
  • AFE preparation
  • Modularization
  • Scheduling
  • Cost estimating Specifications and operating procedures
  • Procurement & expediting
  • Project engineering management
  • Quality & Regulatory Compliance

5Blue: Is listening and would love to assist

Design Drafting

5Blue Process Equipment Design and Drafting Group is a highly specialized and experienced group, capable of designing and drafting all types of oil and gas production equipment, for either foreign or domestic markets. We create custom, user-friendly and cost-effective designs to client specifications and current codes, with the utmost accuracy.

Our team is equipped with the latest industry-standard 2D and 3D drafting/design software which will produce various drawings and products such as:

  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
  • Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Pressure vessel and process equipment fabrication drawings
  • Structural steel fabrication drawings including base skid, overhead structural, multilevel structures, ladders, platforms, etc.
  • Piping fabrication drawings (spool/isometrics) which include full weld and material traceability and testing
  • General Arrangement (Plan), Section, and 3D Isometric View drawings
  • Lifting Diagrams
  • Pile Location drawings which can include pile load reactions
  • 3D model walk through files in nwd format can be created for our customers to view on their own, with our team, or to insert into their full plant site model
  • Solutions for new conceptual ideas
  • 2D profile drawings for automated cutting machines
  • Piping and steel bill of material take offs from 3D models

We also provide a high quality document control system to ensure our customers receive and can return our technical drawings and documents through one point of access.

Vendor Data Manuals are compiled electronically in pdf form with quick access links. The manuals can be saved on removable storage devices, CD, retrieved from our FTP site, or printed out.

5Blue: Quality world class services to the oil and gas industries.


To assist in optimising customer investment cost in maximising returns, 5Blue Process Equipment has established ongoing relationships with its inbound supply chain partners focused on quality, price competitiveness and expedited turnaround times when needed. 5Blue’s comprehensive procurement experience and capabilities include:

  • Procurement and vendor liaison
  • Vendor/ Contractor audits
  • Vendor/Contractor selection
  • Expediting
  • Purchase order, and invoice management
  • Cost tracking and reporting
  • RFQ management
  • Contract management
  • Supplier performance management

5Blue: A real interest in assisting customers to maximise investment returns.

Project Management

5Blue Process Equipment has accredited and dedicated project managers to oversee projects from conception to completion. Large or small, all projects are assigned a project manager to monitor and control planning, processes and schedules to ensure compliance and optimally complete projects, on time and on budget.

Appreciating that changes often occur due to the uniqueness of each project and changing or evolving requirements, project managers cater to the flexibility and adaptability needed in a controlled manner, always keeping clients fully informed and in the driver’s seat.

5Blue project managers oversee the whole supply chain, offering end-to-end management and customer feedback of project progression and completion.

5Blue: Quality world class services to the oil and gas industries.

Fabrication & Assembly

5Blue Process Equipment Inc. has extensive experience in the fabrication, assembly and testing of products and components covering the whole oil and gas process equipment range.5Blue’s fabrication and module assembly facility, designed and constructed to maximise efficiency, is in Nisku, Alberta, located along the province’s “High Load Transportation Corridor.” Backed by a highly qualified and experienced team, the facility enables 5Blue to meet the needs of almost any project’s scope.

In anticipation of ever changing requirements and challenges and to complement 5Blue’s innovative custom design philosophy, as well as continuously looking to improve efficiency, 5Blue invests heavily into the latest technological advances in equipment, ensuring a quality product, every time.

Uncompromising and stringent safety and quality requirements are non-negotiable and a prerequisite to any activity in our facilities. Quality products are linked to 5Blue’s very high standards of material selection, work execution/ specifications, inspection and supervision.

5Blue: Performance products produced with pride.

After Market & Field Service

5Blue prides itself in the quality products it produces and as indicated in its terms and conditions will stand by that trade mark in meeting the agreed specifications, thus doing its utmost to ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.The 5Blue team includes members suitably equipped and highly experienced in field work. This component of the 5Blue team is available to serve our customers’ field service requirements.

5Blue: Secure the performance you require.

Customer Property Management

In working closely with our customers, 5Blue offers a comprehensive range of services to our customers, ranging from quick turnaround equipment inventory to providing or arranging storage of customer property.

5Blue: A real interest in assisting customers to maximise investment returns.